Alteration Zone Mapping
Alunite Shift in Gold Exploration
Analyzing Bitumen Content in Oil Sands
Carboniferous Limestone: Discovering the True Nature of Ireland's Most Famous Stone
Chromite Exploration
Coal Exploration
Cobalt Exploration
Copper Exploration
Core Logging
Diatomite Exploration
Distinguish Kaolinite from Halloysite
Distinguishing between Fe-Serpentine and Mg-Serpentine: A Proxy for Nickel Exploration
Distinguishing Between Lepidolite and Muscovite
Distinguishing Rare Earth Minerals with a Field Portable Spectrometer
Exploring for Tungsten
Garnet Exploration
Gold Exploration
Hectorite Exploration
High Sulfidation Epithermal Deposits
Identifying and Distinguishing Copper Sulfates
Identifying Buddingtonite
Identifying Calcite, Dolomite, and Clays in Limestone
Identifying Carbonate Minerals
Identifying Cassiterite for Tin Exploration with a Field Spectrometer
Identifying Chlorite with a Field Spectrometer
Identifying Chrysocolla in Copper Exploration
Identifying Clays in Mining Exploration
Identifying Copper Arsenate Minerals
Identifying Dickite with a Field Spectrometer
Identifying Diesel Contamination in Soil
Identifying Epidote with a Field Spectrometer and EZ-ID Software
Identifying Galena with a Field Spectrometer
Identifying Goethite and Hematite with a Field Spectrometer
Identifying Minerals Associated with Supergene Copper Deposits
Identifying Minerals in Porphyry Copper Alteration Zones
Identifying Talc
Illite and Uranium Exploration
Kimberlites: Mapping the Path to Diamonds
Lithium Exploration
Mica Alteration
Mineral Analyzer for HREE
Mineral Analyzer for LREE
Nickel Exploration
Oil and Shale Gas Exploration
Ore Recovery
Potash Exploration
Rutile Identification
Uranium Exploration
Zeolite Exploration
Zinc Exploration