Reflectance/Transmittance (RT) Sphere for PV Cell Development

Spectral Evolution’s reflectance/transmittance (RT) sphere can be used to study and test the optical properties of different photovoltaic (PV) cell designs and coatings with our family of spectroradiometers.

PV cells convert sunlight to electricity. The first stage in this conversion is absorbance of light in the useful spectral range. Different treatments are used to increase film absorbance including antireflective coatings. The effectiveness of different designs and treatments can be compared by measuring reflectance, transmittance and absorption.

To see the effect of sunlight striking a PV cell and compare the effects of different materials, textures, and coatings, a spectroradiometer with an RT sphere that can measure reflectance, transmittance, and absorption becomes indispensable.

Spectral Evolution spectroradiometers cover the full UV/VIS/NIR range from 350- 2500nm. An RT sphere allows you to collect all diffuse light reflected from a sample since the inside of the sphere is a perfect reflecting diffuser—total hemispherical reflectance can be measured. With the high resolution spectra obtained from a Spectral Evolution spectroradiometer, the RT sphere can deliver detailed information about the PV cell’s spectral features.

The RT sphere can be connected to any of our portable spectroradiometers, including the SR-4500 which features three thermoelectrically-cooled photodiode arrays for the ultimate in stable performance.

Four inch RT sphere

Our RT Sphere works with our high resolution, portable NIR spectroradiometers to measure reflectance, transmittance, and absorption. It is lightweight and portable for use anywhere.

SR-4500 portable spectroradiometer